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about the founder

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Summary of Qualifications

·      Founder and President of Van Limburg Engineering, a company that provides semiconductor test solutions, including test software and hardware development, software tools, reliability and product engineering support.

·      34 years active in the semiconductor industry. PL responsible for 26 years.

·      Managing different international companies as President/CEO.

·      Experience with international sales and marketing including after sales.

·      Excellent sales manager able to listen to the customers and maintaining contacts for many years.


Professional Experience:

October 1999 – Present

President and founder of Van Limburg Engineering B.V.

Van Limburg Engineering B.V. (VLE) is an international engineering company, specializing in semiconductor test related engineering support, software development, industrial electronics development and special product development. Managing a team of engineers supporting customers in the semiconductor industry. If the experience is not in our team, VLE can find the resources needed by our customers. If not in The Netherlands the search will go on in the rest of Europe, Far East and USA. VLE can help with filling the most difficult positions permanent or on a contract basis. The engineers of VLE can work on site, off-site and/or a combination of on/off site support. VLE can obtain all the necessary documents enabling engineers outside Europe to work in several European countries.

Jan 2000 – Present

President and founder of Van Limburg Engineering, Inc.

Van Limburg Engineering, Inc. (VLE Inc) has the same specialization as Van Limburg Engineering B.V. focused on the US market. Several of our customers in the US have requested to start this company developing test software and hardware to test micro-electronics using Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). Managing a team of engineers supporting customers in the semiconductor industry.


June 2007 – Present

President and founder of Van Limburg Technologies

Van Limburg Technologies (VLT) is part of the WESP Innovations B.V.. Also part of WESP Innovations B.V. is Prio Techniek.

VLT is offering outsourced payroll services for local Dutch companies. Our customers are getting more and longer flexibility related to employing employees. VLT provides HR advice, payroll management, back-office support and payrolling. This activity is local to the Dutch market.

Prio Techniek is specialized in heating, cooling, solar energy, sanitary installations, mains electra installations supporting local Dutch customers.


Sept 1991 – April 1999

President/CEO of Salland Engineering B.V. (SE)

In 1991 a private investor made is possible for me to start an engineering company. It was at the beginning the intention to focus on the industrial automation industry. Very shortly after the start SE has been asked to get back in the semiconductor market supporting a large Japanese Automatic Test Equipment manufacturer with Munich as headquarters in Europe. At the beginning, it was a small team of test engineers. There has been a steady growth of number of engineers over the years. The first engineers have all been employed by Rood Testhouse. During the Rood Testhouse days, a few excellent engineers have developed networking tools for Automatic Test Equipment. After joining Salland Engineering B.V. several more of these networking and computer replacement projects have been completed. Most of the sales of these tools/products were in the Far East.

Salland Engineering Elektronics B.V. has been founded and their activities were the original planned industrial activities of Salland Engineering. After meeting the goal as a division of Salland Egnineering to have black figures after one year of being active, Salland Engineering Electronics was born.

Sacomm B.V. became for 51% active under the Salland Engineering B.V. and shortly after re-named to Salland Engineering Telecom. Salland Engineering Telecom was active on the dialer market. It was less expensive to make a phone call from the US to Europe that from Europe to the US. The company had developed a so called dialer. This product detects that a phone call was made from Europe to the US, creating a call back from the US which resulted in a saving up to 70%.

Salland Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd

After approval of the shareholders, Salland Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd was founded. Salland Engineering Singapore was the first company in Singapore offering test software and hardware development for which the pioneer status from the ECB of Singapore was received. Salland Engineering Singapore was also helping the sales and marketing of the Salland Engineering networking and replacement tools/products.

Salland Engineering USA, Inc.

The manager from one of the customers in the US who came to The Netherlands for a buy-off of one of the networking tools became the manager of Salland Engineering USA, Inc. Headquartered in Austin Texas supporting the East coast, South West and West coast of the US. Salland Engineering USA was able to continue the  FIRMS tools. FIRMS is a SPC software tool developed by a large Automatic Test Equipment manufacturer in the US.

 In April 1999, the total organization was employing more that 60-persons worldwide.


August 1983 – Sept 1991

Several positions at Rood Testhouse

1987 -1991

Business Unit Manager

Managing a team of software engineers in The Netherlands developing all kind of software tools for the semiconductor industry including networking products. One of the installed test system at Rood Testhouse needed 45 minutes to load a test program from tape. The designed tool made it possible for the same program to load in 45 seconds. Managing a mechanical division in Germany designing and manufacturing Burn-in board loader/unloader, QFP lead straightener). Responsible for the sales and marketing out side Europe.

1985 – 1987

Service manager not only supporting the memory board and VLSI test systems but became responsible for all installed equipment at Rood Testhouse. Responsible for ISO implementation and traceability of all test and measurement equipment. Systems like Teradyne J941, Teradyne J386, MCT2000, LTX 88, Advantest mixed signal, e-beam microscope, static and dynamic burn-in, automotive tri-temp over, salt spray cabinet etc.

1983 –  1985

Service engineer repairing, calibrating and supporting memory board and VLSI test equipment in Europe and later in the Far East as well.





About Van Limburg

Our mission is Esteblishing and maintaining a long term business relationschip with custumers.

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