Founded in 1999 and headquartered in The Netherlands, Van Limburg Engineering is an international engineering company, specializing in semiconductor test related engineering support, software development, industrial electronics development, and special product development. Our goal is to assist our customers to market their products. Van Limburg Engineering has consistently achieved this goal by utilizing expertise and working in a cost effective way.

Guarantee a high quality end result delivered on time, we customarily split a project into different phases. We start with an extensive analysis phase to determine the most effective method of implementation. This can eliminate unnecessary project delays and ensure optimal communication with our customers. Our commitment to optimal communication is the reason that Van Limburg Engineering is able to offer its customers quality support and products that precisely meets our customers requirements and needs. We create active relationships with our customers and approach our development projects as a synergy between Van Limburg Engineering and our customers.

About Van Limburg

Our mission is Esteblishing and maintaining

a long term business relationschip with custumers.

The Netherlands

Wiemanstraat 32   
8166 GA Emst         Phone: +31 578 661551
The Netherlands     Mobile: +31 6 5151 9567